Free computers for poor people.

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Thinking about upgrading your computer or plan on buying a new one? Please don't throw your old computer in the trash. Instead, send it to me so that I can fix it and give it to someone who can't afford to buy a computer. In exchange for your gift, I will put your name on this web site if you would like, and I will let the person who gets the computer know who you are so that they can send thier thanks to you.

I like to build computers for people who cant afford to buy them. Recently, a friend of mine had his computer stolen from him. I felt sorry for him because he spent a large portion of his student loan on the computer and he had over $3000 invested in it. His computer was better than any of my friends computers, and when I was working on a television show, he let me use his computer to do some video editing. So when they stole his computer, I made him the best computer I could build with the parts that I had. Some of the parts were given to me as a gift from a professional computer repair specialist. Other parts friends donated and some I purchased from Almet Recycling Center in Holly Hill. Even though I laboured hard to make the very best computer I could, his new computer doesn't even compare to the one that was stolen from him.

I have two other friends that want me to build them computers. They don't want really fancy computers, just simple ones. One of them had his computer stolen several years ago, and never replaced it. He wants a computer that has a video game called Jack Nicholas Golf. His old computer was a 286 and he used it for Lotus works 1.0 ( a spreadsheet program simular to Excel but not as fancy ) and he played the golf game often. My other friend is a really pretty girl that just wants to go on the internet. For her computer, I'm probably just going to make a standard pentium computer with a sound card and a modem. If you would like to donate some computer parts, that would be great! Please send donations to the address below.

James Toney
1019 Cozy Circle Drive
Daytona Beach, Florida 32117
Phone: 386-239-8645

P.S. If you would like a free computer, please contact me with your story. There are many people who use computers at school and at the public library who can't afford to buy one. I would like to help them all get free computers. God bless you.